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Real embraces MPEG-4

Real embraces MPEG-4 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

RealNetworks, during the day yesterday at the same time as the announcement of Real 9, also presented its plans for the adoption of MPEG-4 in its product line. Among the most important news in this field, the launch of a site intended for streaming tests with Real server for videos made in MPEG-4. The site allows you to test the compatibility of products for the encoding and decoding of compressed files according to the new standard when they are transmitted using Real systems. On the occasion of the launch of the RealNetworks initiative, it also joined the MPEG Industry Forum. In parallel, Real also started submitting components of its Real 9 to the MPEG-4 / VCEG Joint Video Team for adoption in the MPEG-4 compression system. which also garnered the consensus of Apple that on Phil Schiller's initiative he said he was happy that Real has joined the forum is working to encourage the adoption of MPEG-4 as an open standard. With streaming industry leaders such as Apple and RealNetworks' added Schiller, at work together to provide the necessary interoperability with MPEG-4, customers and content providers will be the real winners' 'If the efforts of Real and other players in the industry streaming video for the standardization of MPEG-4 as a standard format for the transmission of multimedia content will be successful, meaning that professional operators and normal users will not have to worry excessively about the format with which the content will be encoded. Baster choose the preferred development tools and transmission servers and combine them with any client without being forced to use specific software for each encoding format.Remember that Real currently has the largest installed base in the streaming media sector, both on the front client than on the server front. Its standardization efforts on MPEG-4 are therefore an important component for the success of this encoding system that Apple was the first of the great protagonists of IT to embrace with its QuickTime player. At the moment Apple has not yet publicly released the player for issues related to the MPEG-4 licenses contested by the Internet Media Streaming Alliance to which Apple is a member. Microsoft currently does not seem to have any intention, however, of embracing MPEG-4 for the benefit of the proprietary standard used by Windows Media Player

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