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Irresistible desire for Linux: YellowDog and Mandrake on the Macintosh

Terra Soft Solutions is the company that proposes the "Yellow Dog Linux 2.2", a distribution geared towards computing superpowers, with the possibility of managing multiple G3 or G3 processors and ethernet cards in parallel. However, the traditional applications in the internet, office, and multimedia sectors are not disdained. At the Macworld in S. Francisco, in January, we met the product demonstrators (then YDL 2.1), but we could not see or try any demo , since they were literally camped, complete with a yellow tent and table, in the middle of the other stands.

Not bad, given that the 2.2 version advertised surpass the previous one, with an impressive number of vital updates, improvements, and support for the latest Apple machines (among other things, nVidia graphics cards and AirPort Base Station are also recognized ). It is natural that YDL was designed to coexist with a pre-existing Mac OS, allowing you to switch naturally from one system to another, all for "New World ROM" type hardware, that is, from the white and blue G3 Yosemite up to newer (for previous machines it will be necessary to use the BootX utility). Technically, this "distro" is based on the foundations of the famous Red Hat 7.2, updated to kernel 2.4.18, XFree86 4.2.0, with the addition of environments graphics KDE 2.2.2, Gnome 1.4. In our country, Terra Soft Solutions products are distributed by ATHENA srl of Modena.

The other recently released distribution, Mandrake Linux 8.2 PPC, can also be installed on "OldWorld" and "NewWorld" machines. A convenient bootloader allows you to boot from MacOS, MacOS X and Mandrake PPC on the same computer. Like the other, we will not have to give up anything in the Macintosh world, starting from the functionality of the Firewire devices, up to the Airport connection via the Netatalk protocol in the file / print network services.Kernel 2.4.18, XFree86 4.2 with 3D acceleration for various graphics cards, glibc 2.2.4, KDE 2.2.2, GNOME 1.4.0, Apache 1.3.23, are the numbers of this proposal.

As soon as we have the software packages available, we plan to install and use them intensively for a few weeks, in order to offer you a complete test of their potential.

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