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iPhone 6: Apple builds a mysterious Building for the September 9 presentation


iPhone 6: Apple builds a mysterious Building for the September 9 presentation


The September 9 is getting closer, and at Apple they are not new to last-minute surprises, in fact, in 2 weeks, Fr.resented the iPhone 6 and most likely it will also be revealed the first smartwatch of the house of Cupertino. iPhone 6 and iWatch they should have a particular location, since it is in these hours rising a mysterious construction near theFlint Center for the Performing Arts from Cupertino, and which could be the venue for an Apple-style presentation.

The press conference will be held at Flint Center for the Performing Arts Cupertino, the venue chosen by Jobs for the presentation of the first Macintosh, and therefore could be Apple's new starting point after the loss of its mentor. The strange fact that the Flint Center can hold a maximum of 2000 guests and therefore could really be the right location to present something incredible, iPhone 6 (Air), iPhone 6 XXL and the iWatch that could revolutionize the world of smartwatches.

The photo you see at the beginning of the article dates back to about 20 days ago and was taken by a MacRumors reader, but only today it connected to the Apple event since the invitations were sent starting yesterday. We do not know what it can contain inside but the fact remains that there are no writings and signs to identify what is inside and therefore we can only fantasize.


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