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Intel, 2 GHz laptop processors

Intel, 2 GHz laptop processors – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel is about to unveil a version of its Pentium 4-M series processors. The announcement comes directly from the Santa Clara company in the context of some announcements relating to the sector of processors for low-consumption devices, including laptops. The 2 GHz processor will shortly follow the 1.8 GHz ones just launched on the market and it should serve to recover market shares that the company itself has admitted to having over the past few months. In fact, AMD is also beginning to affect the field of processors for laptops after having dealt important blows in the desktop.Intel has also shown a new series of chips, codenamed Banias, which should completely revolutionize the world of semiconductors for laptops. Banias will be built on the architecture of the Pentium 4 but will be explicitly designed specifically for laptops, improving efficiency and consumption. On the contrary, the Pentium 4-M is a desktop processor adapted to work in laptops and therefore less suitable to meet the needs of machines that have one of their primary characteristics in low consumption.

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