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How to print documents and emails from the iPad


Here is the complete guide to print documents and emails directly from the iPad, wirelessly and using the internet or WiFi

Our reader Giuseppe has written to me in recent days because he needed help. Since the question that made me of particular interest to the other readers of YourLifeUpdated, I decided to share his problem with you and to answer Giuseppe publicly. In fact, I am convinced that many of you may be interested in this "guide".

Giuseppe, in fact, needed advice for print documents and emails directly from iPad, without going through a PC. Since there are various solutions to do this, I decided to explain them below.

Before I ask Joseph's question again.

By now I have replaced the notebook with the tablet: I use it to surf, to check emails, to play and to write documents and work reports. I have a problem: how do I print my documents and emails directly from iPad? Usually I send them to my e-mail account and then print them from the PC, but not very convenient as a solution. Is there an alternative? How can I connect the iPad tablet to the printer and print wirelessly?

As I anticipated, Giuseppe's question is really interesting and I am convinced that the answer could be useful to many of you.

Dear Giuseppe, fortunately to print documents directly from iPad you have various solutions available. Let's see them together.

Print documents and emails from iPad wirelessly: solution 1

If you want to print a document from your iPad, know that unfortunately it is not possible to connect the device directly to a printer. There are several solutions to be able to do it wirelessly, quickly and easily. If you have a wireless printer, you can easily and quickly print any document from iPad, but also from iPhone and iPod. The official Apple tool for wireless printing AirPrint: a service already integrated on iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad operating system) and, to use it, you must be sure you have a printer among those indicated on the Apple website and therefore able to support the AirPrint protocol.

Once the iPad is connected to the wireless printer (via the same WiFi network), just select the Print option and start printing documents, emails or anything else easily, quickly and wirelessly.

Print documents and emails from iPad wirelessly: solution 2

Another alternative solution to print from iPad wirelessly is that offered by Google Cloud Print, a system offered by Big G to print documents from any device via WiFi and without cables. In this case, a WiFi connection is not necessary, nor an AirPrint printer: you can use Google Cloud Print simply having any internet connection available, necessary to send the documents on the web and then to the printer, which will receive and print them immediately. To use Google Cloud Print, however, you need to configure the service on your iPad and also on the printer. Once everything is configured, you will only have to start printing documents, emails and internet pages from iPad by selecting Google's Cloud Print service.

These were the best two solutions available today to print wirelessly from iPad. If any of you know others, you will only have to report them in the comments and we will update the article.

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