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Download AdwCleaner Portable and CLEAN your Windows PC


AdwCleaner free download. Download now the AdwCleaner program in portable version for free to clean up your computer in one click

Download AdwCleaner Portable

Download AdwCleaner free english

Today I want to propose to all readers of YourLifeUpdated the download of a program that I would define ESSENTIAL for every user who uses a Windows PC.

The program I'm pointing out is called AdwCleaner and at the end of the article you can find it in version portable, that then no installation required and can be started in one click on any PC with operating system Windows.

But why AdwCleaner such a useful and important program for your computer? I'll explain it below.

In short, I can tell you that AdwCleaner a powerful tool that allows you toremove from computerspyware, malware, adware and other cyber threats equivalent. A program that it is not intended as an alternative to an antivirus real, but as a complement to it, to be used ie as a further verification system.

When should AdwCleaner be used?

I'll give you some concrete examples of cases where AdwCleaner is indispensable:

  • the home page of the browser which is modified without our consent
  • the appearance of abnormal advertising banners
  • the default setting of a search engine other than the one chosen by us and apparently very anomalous in content

These are situations that, I'm sure, are common to many users. Situations that AdwCleaner can solve in one click in a completely automatic way.

How to use AdwCleaner?

Use this easy program.

You download it, start it and make it perform a system scan, which is very fast. Once the scan is complete, the program offers a complete overview of the problems encountered.

At this point just click on Clean and wait for AdwCleaner to do its job.

The whole cleaning process takes a few moments. At the end, the program will restart the computer: just open the browser to confirm the effectiveness of the program, which will have removed all the malicious and unwanted programs from the computer.

Why use AdwCleaner?

Here are the strengths of the program:

  • very light
  • no installation required
  • very easy to use, it does everything independently
  • it works perfectly, eliminates and removes malicious programs, advertisements and more
  • an excellent program to solve many small problems that afflict users who care little about the security aspect of their computer

So what are you waiting for? Run to the end of the article e download AdwCleaner to clean up your Windows PC from crap.

Below is a description of the program and its main features.

What is AdwCleaner used for?

Eliminate adware. Restore performance.

The world's most popular adware removal program detects and eliminates unwanted programs and junkware so that your online experience is always optimal and uncomplicated.

Quick results. Complete cleaning.

Your slow computer? Do strange messages appear on the screen? Has your browser's home page changed without your permission? The cause could be adware (and their friends), a devious malware variant that is difficult to detect and even more complicated to remove. Malwarebytes AdwCleaner uses innovative technology specially developed to detect and remove these unwanted hitchhikers. This is the most suitable choice for home users and technicians.

Removes adware and unwanted programs

It targets adware, spyware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and browser hijackers with technology specially developed to eliminate these threats.

Eliminate annoying toolbars

It removes unwanted toolbars in browsers, often associated with other downloaded software, allowing you to regain control of your browsing.

The quick scan, very fast!

It scans your computer in seconds. Clean up your computer in less time than making a coffee.

Install absolutely nothing

It does not use large amounts of memory or processing power and does not require the installation of components. just download it, start it and start a scan. That's all.


Microsoft Windows2 Gb Ram40 Mb Hard Disk

Where to download the AdwCleaner program?


It is in the PORTABLE version, so it does not require any installation. You can always carry it with you on a USB stick, you can start it on any computer in one click.

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