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Digicom Voice Over IP courses

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The meetings, which will be held on 21, 22 and 23 May and are free of charge, are aimed at both direct and indirect sales structures and are aimed at those who want to understand how they can integrate into their own system, or customer systems, solutions based on the VoIP protocol to bring telephony to the internet. The course takes place in a working day, at the Digicom headquarters in Cardano al Campo (VA), during which it will be possible to configure, learn and test the Digicom VoIP devices, integrated in the second part of the day, from demos and configuration tests of PowerLINE systems, based on the transmission of data through normal power lines, thanks to the Digicom PowerSwitch. At the end of the day, an overview of GSM and GPRS technologies will be made. The agenda: provides for registration (09: 00-09: 30); The basic concepts of Voice over IP; the network architecture for VoIP; VoiceGATE: The Digicom platform for VoIP; Lunch break (13: 00-14: 00); examples of VoiceGATE and DEMO configuration; PowerLine data transmission on the electrical network; PowerSwitch: the Powerline switch; Digicom's Wireless (GSM / GPRS) news; Closing (16: 30-17: 00) For information and registration for the courses, you can contact us by email at (email protected) or at the telephone number 0331.702629

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