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Apple prepares Mac OS 10.1.5

Apple prepares Mac OS 10.1.5 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple is preparing to present the news of Puma, the next big update of Mac OS X. But before the release of Mac OS 10.2 (or as it will be called) Cupertino should still introduce a small update. , of version 10.1.5 which would be in a rather advanced stage of development.As previous Mac OS 10.1.5 updates will include improved support to some peripherals, in particular to more recently released digital machines including Nikon FireWire, optical discs , SmartDisk, EZQuest and LaCie burners. Improvements to the Mail application would also be included and some Carbon applications would be able to access advanced functions of the Anti-aliasing technology for text. News and refinements also for security and networks. According to the same sources, the update should be larger than the recent Mac OS 10.1.4: 18 MB.

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