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Yahoo and the Web Beacons page trackers

Yahoo and Web Beacons page trackers – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Salvatore Nieddu writes: The trackers follow all our activities with web pages, images, emails with advertising, banners, … Basically it is an infinitesimal (1 pixel!) And even transparent image that is inserted in all the sauces. give you an idea of ??what I'm saying take a look at the address / beacon.html I made a whole black page with a microscopic dot in the center of 1 pixel. Now imagine putting it on a normal page and making it even transparent !! It serves Yahoo (but not only them) to follow everything they do, watch, visit internet surfers. They collect data that they then use in various ways (guess how). This time, however, there is a easy way to disable this other devilry. Just click on the address and it's done. In this way our browser (ie Explorer, Netscape or other) is set to leave no traces of this type. But this is ONLY valid for the browser you use on your pc. If you use another pc with another browser from the office and browse and download the mail you are screwed again. Then you must * also from that pc * click on the same address and visit the same page to deactivate the diabolical function. At the bottom of this email, for those who have not yet attempted a virtual suicide, I report the content of the page where Yahoo explains this other found (http: // privacy / privacy / en / pixels / details.html) .I suggest you make a little effort and read the rest too. The feeling of what the internet is now is truly unspeakable. I hope there is nothing else ! "

Don't worry, all for free!

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