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Training of young iOS developers, BTicino is among the partners at UNISA

Training of young iOS developers, BTicino among UNISA partners –

BTicino, leader of the Legrand group in Italy and leader in the smart home and IoT sector with its Eliot program for connected objects, among the technological partners of the DIEM Department of Information and Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, one of the few Departments of Excellence ( only 120 out of more than 900 and only 3 in the Information Engineering area) nominated by MIUR after the last National evaluation on the quality of research (VQR), in support of the development activities of the new courses launched by the University of Salerno, in collaboration with Apple, for the training of future digital programmers.

The LiOS Foundation Program @UNISA provides 4 annual courses, in English and Italian, with teachers trained by Apple, of 60 hours each, open to 120 students from the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs of the University of Salerno. We are proud to be partners of this initiative which we are certain will contribute to making Italy, through its young talents and professionals, protagonist in the further development of digital systems and IoT commented Franco Villani, CEO of BTicino Investing in fundamental training for a company that has in the its DNA is the search for innovations capable of improving the quality of life and which wants to be a leader in the world of the Internet of Things.

As a technological partner of the DIEM, BTicino actively supports students in the project work realization phase, proposing innovative App ideas in the home automation and IoT sector, in particular to encourage awareness of energy consumption and the control of connected objects.

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