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The best Android apps for fitness

Android fitness apps

Summer is about to begin and gyms are closing. However, we want to continue training to keep fit and not lose all the work done so far. Are you among these who obsessed with the line want to stay in shape even in the summer? Then read on, because you'll find the best Android fitness apps to keep you fit even without going to the gym.

The best Android apps for fitness

In any case, this article will be useful to you, in fact below I have included a list with the 5 best Android fitness apps, for sport and physical well-being, discover them on the Play Store! All named applications are downloadable by simply clicking on the link.

Calorie counter (MyFitnessPal)

Calorie counter

Maybe you don't know that there are several applications that allow you to transform your smartphone into a "calorie counter". By testing the best on the market and also looking at various Facebook groups and forums, I came to the conclusion that MyFitnessPal is the best. You can download it from here: link. It provides a huge database of foods, brands and various products. It allows you to integrate the meals you have made during the day with training, in order to adjust the daily calorie intake to your specific condition. It can also be integrated with other applications or devices, such as fitness watches. You can use MyFitnessPal on both Android and IOS smartphones but also thanks to the website

DOWNLOAD | Calorie counter

Runtastic Corsa – GPS

Runtastic Corsa

Do you like running or walking? Want to track how far you've come and how many calories you've burned? I am happy to tell you that this is the right application for you. Runtastic in fact, after you have registered by performing the appropriate simple procedure, it will allow you to set your goals, to measure the distances you have traveled, to monitor the route you have traveled on maps, to see how many calories you have burned, to see the average speed you kept and doing many other things. I strongly recommend you to use this application, especially if you move with the earphones, since the application will acoustically signal you some particular distances made by you or other information that you can select in the settings.

DOWNLOAD | Runtastic Corsa – GPS

ActivityTracker Pedometer and Pedometer

Pedometer and Pedometer

The app ActivityTracker it helps to keep track of steps, distance traveled, active calories consumed and active time through your smartphone. You can keep track of your daily activity without draining your battery as it does not have GPS and without wearing a fitness device such as a smartband. ActivityTracker will automatically quantify your daily activity and motivate you to move more.

The application uses the movement coprocessor, for this it provides relevant statistics on your movements during the day, with hourly and daily statistics on the progress made.

DOWNLOAD | ActivityTracker Pedometer and Pedometer

Tabata Timer for HIIT

Tabata Timer for HIIT

Are high intensity workouts more stimulating? Do you prefer short but intense efforts? Then I bet you need a timer that allows you to manage your HIIT workouts, at high intensity. In fact, the normal timers cannot be set in such a way as to have a few minutes dedicated to rest, others to warm up and others dedicated to high intensity effort. However, there are applications like this, which can precisely support you in your high intensity workouts. So what are you waiting for? Set the times you need and start training right away!

DOWNLOAD | Tabata Timer for HIIT

Fitness Point

Fitness Point app

If you are also one of those who bring the exercise book to the gym to monitor loads and progress, I recommend this application that will allow you to do everything simply with your smartphone. Obviously nobody forces you to abandon pen and paper, in fact, I am the first to say that technology is not always better! However, this application I think can make things easier. In fact, it has many variations of exercises that can be performed in the gym, it will allow you to monitor the loads, the progress and also the series and repetitions that you have to perform. I recommend it to you, it doesn't hurt to try … then tell me in the comments as you like!

DOWNLOAD | Fitness Point

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Exercises at Home

30 day fitness challenge

You don't have time to go to the gym or are you on vacation? Here is the alternative to staying fit, training at home. This perfect app for anyone who wants to keep fit and workouts can be done anytime. Created by professional trainers, the 30 day Fitness Challenge helps you improve your health and fitness.

By following the rules of fitness suggested by the 30-day Fitness Challenge program, you can increase the intensity of the exercises step by step, so you can train every day with ease. The 30 day Fitness Challenge will help you keep fit and lose weight effectively.

DOWNLOAD | 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Exercises at Home

The official list of the 5 best Android apps for fitness has ended, however it seems to me to add another aspect. In fact, you will ask yourself: can you train me without music? Do not worry, in fact an internet connection on your smartphone will be enough to have infinite motivational playlists in the device, perfect for a workout. All this by simply downloading Spotify (from here) and looking for "Workout Playlist".

Now you will also need a pair of headphones to listen to music during physical activity. These are suitable for sports (guideitech review).

Now the list of the best Android apps for fitness really finished, I hope these applications will help you, if you know others or if you have any doubts or requests, as usual do not hesitate to comment!