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The Apple I auction ends at $ 14,000

Apple I auction ends at $ 14,000 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Offers for Apple I put on sale at the Vintage Computer Festival stopped at $ 14,000.

The machine, which appeared at auction during the event organized by an association that deals with enhancing and preserving the very first generation of computers, had aroused great interest in the media. It is in fact one of the few Apple I still existing of a very small lot (only 200). Among these, the Apple I of Vintage Computer Festival was also the only one still functioning and equipped with various accessories, such as a tape recorder.

Details that had given hope for very substantial bids, in memory of auctions that had set the price for similar computers at $ 50,000.

The current economic conditions, however, and the lack of enthusiasm that is perceived in the world of IT, however, have greatly limited the number of potential buyers, damaging the success of the auction.

To buy the Apple I was Robert Wagner, an Apple programmer who owns several 'historic' computers built by Cupertino. These include an Apple II with the serial number 5000 and a Lisa.

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