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iPhone Os 3.1 enables Vodafone tethering on iPhone

Finally, for Vodafone's Italian customers, tethering arrives. Enabling the functionality that appeared at the same time as the distribution of update 3.1 which, in addition to several new features, for the Italian mobile operator also provides for phone connectivity as an external computer modem.

Unfortunately, as already widely anticipated, it is not possible to use the data present in the bundle of iPhone packages for navigator on your laptop. In fact, when thetering is enabled, Vodafone explicitly provides that a standard access point used for navigation on the PC is inserted and not the access point for navigation from the iPhone. In practical terms this means that if you want to use the iPhone to navigate from your computer, it is practically mandatory to buy a data rate if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

Recall that the tethering function on iPhone with Vodafone card had been enabled in the latest beta of iPhone Os 3.0 and then disappeared in the final release or, better, to appear only as an alternative to MMS. The operator settings, as the operator had justified, had no better specified problems that prevented the use of MMS and Tethering at the same time. Full enabling of the service was scheduled for early July; instead arrives in early September, with a couple of months late.

Thanks for the report to Massimo Marabese.