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Download iExplorer v3.3.2.1 for Windows: transfer files to iPhone, iPod and iPad without using …


Download iExplorer v3.3.2.1 for Windows PC: best program to transfer and copy files on iPhone, iPod and iPad without using iTunes

iExplorer v3.3.2.1 - Eng

iExplorer - An iPhone, iPad and iPod File Manager

iExplorer: without a doubt the best program to manage iPhone, iPod and iPad from Windows PC (and Mac) without using iTunes.

What iExplorer?

iExplorer, the perfect program to analyze the memory of Phone, iPod and iPad. Here's how it works and what it offers.

iExplorer a free application (in the basic version) developed by Macroplant that allows you to analyze in detail the files that occupy the memory in your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad). Software especially useful to find out what lies behind each category of memory and to comfortably manage your Apple device without going through iTunes.

iExplorer available for Windows and Mac systems and allows you to take a look at the structure of the files stored on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad: just connect the Apple device to the PC / Mac to be able to explore it as if it were a normal mass storage device, just like a normal external hard disk or USB stick. Normally, in fact, it is not possible to explore the folders and files contained in the iPhone, iPod and iPad due to the restrictions imposed by Apple. With iExplorer, however, this limit is exceeded and removed and you will have the opportunity to explore and manage all the files contained in your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

To use iExplorer the minimum requirements they are really basic: you need an iPhone, iPod or iPad, a Windows or Mac PC and the USB cable to connect your Apple device to the computer. iTunes must be installed on the PC / Mac to correctly recognize your Apple device, but it must not be used to manage files and explore the Apple device.

To install the iExplorer application just download the program and follow the automatic installation procedure. In a few moments the software is installed on PC and Mac and ready for use.

How did I use Explorer to manage iPhone, iPod and iPad without using iTunes?

At this point, to conveniently manage iPhone, iPod and iPad from PC and Mac without using iTunes, you just need to connect your Apple device with a special cable: in a few seconds you will have the opportunity to take a look at the complete memory of the terminal. As you can easily see, with iExplorer it is possible to expand each folder to find out what is hidden inside and above all how much space it occupies in the device. If you decide to enable the automatic preview button, located in the bottom bar, you can also take an immediate look at the multimedia files, to immediately understand, for example in the case of photos, what it is. For example, you can immediately preview the photos or music tracks, in order to understand if they are truly indispensable, whether to back them up on the PC / Mac or whether to delete them directly to free up space on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It is possible to use iPhone Explorer to access the root (main folder) of the system by checking the phone book and contact list, looking at all the SMS and MMS stored on Apple devices, emails or any other content saved in the internal memory of the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Of course you can also access your installed applications or the documents you have uploaded to iCloud and you can export everything in .csv and .txt formats or create backups of these documents.

Using iExplorer is very easy, since it organizes the contents in a dashboard, making the interface quite intuitive and simple for everyone. To Transfer your files from iPhone, iPod, iPad to PC or Mac you just need to use the drag & drop function: select the contents you want to transfer from the Apple device and drag them to your PC / Mac to start the backup and transfer. In general, however, the iExplorer interface has numerous similarities with iTunes: it has a gray style and two main tabs to distinguish the functions, "View" and "Explore". The iPhone Explorer options are different and represented with icons, such as' Messages', 'Address Book', 'Notes',' Media library ', Calendar', 'Backup' and 'Multimedia Folder', among others.

What are the main features and functionality of Explorer?

Here is one short list that illustrates the main features of this program:

  • It has bookmark folders to clearly organize and identify your files
  • Integrated browser
  • Preview option in almost every device
  • Support for Quick Look
  • ICloud access
  • Touch functionality
  • Navigation in the application directory to search among the stored files
  • Export the formats to .csv and .txt and create backup files of the latter
  • Ringtone editor to create compositions
  • Wide range of supported formats, including M4A, MP3, WAV or AIFF audio formats

How to transfer music from iPhone, iPod and iPad to PC, Mac and iTunes

As you may have guessed, iExplorer also perfect for copying and transferring music, songs and MP3s from iPhone, iPod and iPad to PC, Mac and iTunes.

This program is also perfect for transfer music, movies, videos, images, ebooks and all kinds of multimedia files from our iPhone, iPod and iPad directly to our Windows PC or Mac without using iTunes.

In order to transfer music or other media / files from iPhone, iPad and iPod to PC or Mac, here's what you need to do.

Download iExplorer and install it on PC or Mac

Connect your Apple device to your PC or Mac with a special cable Launch iExplorer and, when it appears, select your device, then click on Media or Data or Files and you can transfer the contents of your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Mac or PC. As for the music tracks in sequence -> Media> Auto Transfer. Easy, right?

iExplorer: conclusions

iExplorer an application that allows you to use your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) in external disk mode, like any flash drive. You can then browse and edit files and folders directly from your PC, without going through iTunes.

With iExplorer (previously known by the name of iPhone Explorer) you can also view the photos and videos on your device or use it as a USB stick. Then a simple drag and drop is enough to transfer the files from the PC to the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and vice versa. Before each transfer you can preview the files.

iExplorer is really a great solution for managing your Apple devices. The program still requires that iTunes be installed on the PC, although, as we have seen, we will practically never use it.

iExplorer undoubtedly a useful, immediate and simple to use application. Recommended for all owners of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

iExplorer v3.3.2.1 - Eng


– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1? 20 Mb Hard Disk – Framework 4.0

Official site: Http: //

Alternative: go to Google and type in "iExplorer v3.3.2.1"

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