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Calc Tap, the easiest interactive calculator in the world

As we know, innovations arise from the ability to creatively grasp the need, in any point and modality it is realized, even the most paradoxical ones. Take the case of the iPhone calculator: since the device born, the operating system has had one as standard. Before, a world of super-scientific calculators was simple, and flourished. Now that it is enough to rotate the appliance to pull out of the series calculator a plurality of functions that would be enough to calculate the static and dynamic structure of an Egyptian pyramid, the public feels the need for a super-simple calculator. No sooner said than done here is Cal Tap.

The program, which presents itself as "an elementary calculator with an interactive sheet of paper" by the French Stphan Barb and not a little innovative, even if it is 1.59 euros, that is not very little (less than a coffee and an adjoining brioche, however). Basically here's how it works.

The calculator does simple operations with a keyboard with large colored buttons to allow easy viewing. Two thirds of the screen is a roll of paper that records the operations performed, allowing not only to see them, but also to intervene. For example, to make sure that the results can be reused for other operations. And in addition?

If you rotate the phone, the program enters the "text-mode" mode, which is fun and magical and particular: in practice you can read the numbers and you can make "visible" versions of the operations with numbers in numbers. Not bad when you think that, starting from the abacus, calculators have always been under our nose. Obviously, the way to innovate a little, if you try, you always find …