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Apple presents the applications that earn the most

It is no secret that behind the large numbers published by Apple on published applications, sold applications, downloaded applications, there is some discontent on the part of developers, especially those operating on the iPhone application market with expensive commercial structures. Many of these great realities complain, and not from today, of a poor visibility and the disadvantages of finding themselves competing with low cost (if not free) programs that rise quickly in the ranking, removing visibility and forcing to make painful and risky choices: o lower prices to focus on volumes or risk proposing programs above the classic 0.79 euros, becoming transparent in the rankings.

to respond, most likely, to these doubts and give an incentive to the developers, showing that there is a way to make money with the App Store (which today is not successful for many) which appears to be an unprecedented ranking of the applications with the highest turnover.

The ranking (reachable from here) basically presents the ranking of the programs that produce the most profit, a factor determined not by the simple number of sales (recorded by the ranking on the front page), but by the multiplication of the cost for the copies sold.

Scrolling the Italian ranking, not surprisingly, we see at the top of the ranking we find 4 applications for GPS navigation, the most expensive category among those on the App Store: the first two are and TomTom Italia and CoPilot Italia (the latter released only a few days ago), in third place there is TomTom Europa, in fourth Navigon Italia and in sixth, after the surprise Puzzle Bobble, Navigon Europa. Modern Combat, the recent Blades Of Fury, QuickOffice and Uno are also in the top ten. All high cost products (compared to the average).

Note that the indisputable success, excluding surfers, of Gameloft who has three games in the top ten (Modern Combat, Blades Of Fury, Uno). The result of Camera Genius is also excellent, the highest in the games ranking at 79 cents than 12