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AMD takes off the "callus".

AMD takes off the "callus". – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Only if the market requests it" the indication of future developments for the Duron processor of AMD – Advanced Micro Devices, which, basically, means that this processor now ceases to exist for the PC market. The new processor roadmap AMD branded clear on future projects: Athlon continues on its way but radically changes the core, moving from Thoroughbred to Barton and will contain a 512 KB second level cache. The new ClawHammer (for now only codenamed) which will arrive in multi and single processor versions starting from the end of this year.

Another model, SledgeHammer (also this only codenamed) will instead be available for the high-end market in multiprocessor version. The well-known SOI technology – Silicon On Insulator (the result of long studies by IBM) now ready for PowerPCs but not landed in Athlon, while it will be implemented on the other two models that will arrive later. The Texan factory that produces the Durons will be converted to flash memory, the German one in Dresden and the Taiwanese one will proceed with the production of chips.

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