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AdMob: App Store turnover is worth $ 2.4 billion

AdMob: App Store turnover worth $ 2.4 billion – logomacitynet1200wide 1

App Store is worth 40 times the Android store. Here is the result of an AdMob research resulting from the interviewees of just over 1,000 iPhone, iPod touch and Android users.

According to the results, the App Store generates purchases of 198 million dollars per month for the App Store compared to 5 million for Android: multiplying this monthly estimate by 12, the annual App Store business value is close to 2.4 billion dollars which, in fact, 40 times that of the store that refers to the mobile part of the Google project.

It is interesting to note that research shows that iPod touch users download an average of 18 applications per month, devoting even more time to using the Apps, while iPhone and Android users settle on around 10 monthly apps. As many as 90% of the interviewees said that the navigation for the search for the applications takes place directly from the pocket and not from the computer, while the most reported decisive factor behind the choice of purchase is an App the transition from the free Lite version to the full paid version . Based on this discovery, AdMob recommends that all App Store and Android developers always create a free lite version of the applications.

As always in the case of investigations of this type based on a rather limited sample of users compared to the total base, it is advisable to accept the data with a minimum of caution. To consult the entire research and the results presented by AbMob, refer to this web page.

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