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Wednesday showdown

Wednesday showdown – logomacitynet1200wide 1

What begins today will be the week of reckoning, in a literal sense, for Apple.Cupertino, in fact, next Wednesday at 11pm, Italian time, will present the balance sheet for the quarter which closed on March 31st. The data are particularly expected in financial circles as well as in those headed by Mac users because in that context the figures of the first three months of life of the new iMacs will also have to be provided. The machine with integrated LCD screen, which in Apple's intentions expected to open a new era both in terms of image and profits, had a troubled start with delays in production and rising costs. Recall that the iMac has been the first computer in years to this part whose price has been adjusted upwards after the launch and probably, despite this, the profit margins on it have decreased compared to forecasts. The effect of these problems , delays in deliveries and profit margins lower than expected, according to many analysts could have severely affected the financial structure of the quarter; according to others the effects would have been reduced. In any case, almost all observers believe that Apple should post profits below the forecasts of 11 cents per share, however, the market does not appear to be very worried and the reactions on Cupertino's securities could prove modest. In fact, according to some recent channel surveys, it is clear that what Apple may have lost in the past quarter will be recovered in the next quarter. The sales of the new iMacs, in fact, appear very robust on all markets.

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