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Web on planes thanks to Inmarsat.

Web on planes thanks to Inmarsat. – logomacitynet1200wide 1 Boeing and Airbus, the two major manufacturers of commercial aircraft, are still experiencing difficult times, but bringing the web into planes will be a necessary step, it remains only to decide when.

The veteran in the field of satellite communications, Inmarsat, announces the supply of ISDN bandwidth to the airlines, which will prove interested, by the end of the year, with the name of Swift64 (which indicates 64 Kbits per second of connection ) They will rely on Telenor Satellite Services worldwide. In this case we are not talking about wireless inside the cabin, but a more classic twisted pair to be inserted in the armrest of each seat to enjoy the service at a cost of about 11- 15 dollars per minute (price addressed to the airlines). After Connexion and Tenzing, here is another solution, perhaps benefited by the greater simplicity of the infrastructure, than by less advanced. More info in the presentation PDF (124 KB) and in the technical one (36 KB).

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