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Virus in your emails … the usual story

Virus in your emails … the usual story – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In recent months, several broadcasts of emails have arrived in the mailboxes of Mac users coinciding with the spread with more or less harmful viruses. But in recent days the phenomenon seems to repeat itself with an unprecedented frequency thanks to the "cunningness" of (email protected), a virus considered so far of medium threat and discovered in January of this year. Classified as "level 2" initially by Symantec, last month it was promoted to the top level. (email protected), similar to (email protected) is a "worm" that tries to copy itself on the network and replicates itself using random subjects but also and above all (and this is its danger) names of senders other than the real one by fishing them from the mailboxes of the infected computer.

It can happen so that a message apparently from a known sender arrives in your inbox, perhaps owner of a Mac and therefore of a computer not infected by the virus itself which affects only systems with Windows. More information and a patch are available at the Microsoft website on this page but the fact that the "real" sender is hidden will make it difficult for you to inform him of the presence of the virus itself, perhaps using a filter from your e-mail program.

So what to do? The advice is to waste some time reading the entire header of the email (activating for example the "blah blah" button of Eudora) and to identify the real sender to direct him to the page with the patch indicated above … to give you an idea of ??the near impossibility of classifying the virus and of the difficult "filterability" here is a vast sample of the subjects of the messages that can reach you:

"Hi, Hello, Re: Fw: Undeliverable mail? Returned mail?, how are you; let's be friends darling; don't drink too much: your password honey; welcome to my hometown: the Garden of Eden; introduction on ADSL; meeting; notice; questionnaire; congratulations; SOS!; japanese girl; VS playboy look, my beautiful girlfriend; eager to see you; spice girls ?vocal; sexy pictures; Saint Valentine?s Day Allhallowmas April Fools ?Day; Lady Day; Epiphany; widht, lenght …. "

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