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The Mac of the secret agents

The Mac of secret agents – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Macs have been used to do a little bit of everything, but few would have that one of them was intended for tasks so reserved and secret that it was set up with special shielding systems used only by espionage agencies and military officers. An old SE was "super secret" and was discovered by chance at the Weird Stuff Warehouse, a "cemetery" of disused computer equipment that collects the objects which it then offers for sale at Silicon Valley offices. From a still (and perhaps forever) mysterious office, the SE was brought to the warehouse and here noticed by a Mac enthusiast, Bruce Damer, who bought it. The peculiarity of the SE is neither in form nor in its external appearance . Apparently it is a normal and old Mac "all in one". In reality, an in-depth examination revealed that it was shielded with a system known as "storm shielding" which makes the case a sort of Faraday cage capable of intercepting any electromagnetic emission making it impossible to decipher the tasks that the machine is performing. A system of this type is normally used by the CIA, the National Security Agency and the US Department of Defense to prevent the interception of sensitive data from their computers. Never had there been news of a Mac subjected to similar modifications. That the SE had served to do something important and confidential also shows the provision of a removable internal drive and that the motherboard has now been removed, leaving the practically empty interior. Finally, the SE has no serial number.Damer consulted many experts from the Mac world and everyone said they were amazed by the existence of such a specimen because the machine, as opposed to some other specimen modified by users concerned about their privacy, was made directly in the factory. A sign that Apple had received a very specific and specific order for such a computer and that whoever ordered it had to have enough authority and weight to request and obtain a "made to measure" production. Now the fate of the "black Mac", as it has been called for similarity to the helicopters of the secret agencies, the "black elicopters", that of resting at the DigiBarn Computer Museum, a museum set up in a barn owned by Damer. Alongside the "super secret" SE, even rare Macs, such as an Apple II GS assembled specifically by Wozniack and equipped with many slots (when instead the machines wanted by Jobs were so closed that they required a special screwdriver to be opened), one of the first Macs never offered for sale (complete with packaging and instruction manuals) and a spirit sitting set. The "little glass" that rotates to compose words under the pressure of a real or presumed ecotoplasmic presence, replaced here by the mouse and the letters appear on the screen.

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