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New 40x burner, new products and price reductions from Lacie

Leaving aside some news with only USB 2.0 that do not interest the Mac user given the unavailability of this interface on our platform we report the news of Lacie equipped with Firewire or Firewire / USB interface We remember that USB 1.1 can connect, with speed limited to all peripherals equipped with USB 2.0.

New CDRW Burner: StudioDrive CDRW 40x12x48 i It is the fastest desktop burner on the market today and for sale at a price of 409 Euros (VAT included).

Hexa Media Drive USB instead, the new LaCie memory card reader. which reads six different types of memory cards with a single device, without the need to use additional adapters and the ideal tool for those who work in environments where different types of digital media are used. Hexa Media Drive for sale at the price of 89 Euros (VAT included).

LaCie AIT U&I backup solution: supports both USB and FireWire interface (IEEE 1394, i / Link). LaCie's AIT U&I allows you to achieve a compressed capacity of 70 GB and a data transfer of 8 MB / s with both interfaces. The LaCie AIT1 U&I for sale at the price of 2,319.60 Euros (VAT included).

Dupli-121 U&I by LaCie the solution to duplicate CDs in record time. Simple to use, Dupli-121 U&I allows you to duplicate a CD in less than 5 minutes and supports both USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces. Dupli-121 U&I by LaCie for sale at the price of 1,099 Euros (VAT included).

Lower prices for many LaCie products: PocketDrive 16x10x24 u & i, the LaCie Pocket recorder now on sale for 469 Euros (VAT included). New price also for the PocketDrive 10 GB u & i (259 Euros, VAT included) and for the PocketDrive 20 u & i ( 319 Euros, VAT included). The 80 GB LaCie StudioDrive Hard Disk available today at a price of 409 Euros (VAT included).