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Microsoft launches soft WiFi

Microsoft launches soft WiFi – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There will also be WiFi among the topics under discussion at the next Windows Hardware Engeenering Conference. During the event that opens these days, Microsoft should present some news in the field of the standard that also underlies Airport. News that, according to some sources, will allow a reduction in the costs of building wireless networks based on WiFi.

At the moment I do not know what Microsoft will present to hardware developers, but from news gathered on the net it seems likely that Redmond's idea is to reassign some of the tasks that are performed by the hardware to the operating system.

In this way, a simplification of the equipment, hubs and cards placed inside the computers should be obtained and costs cut in parallel. The system, called soft-WiFi, should be illustrated during the day of Wednesday. Difficult to estimate the impact of such a solution, in the past the ?soft Modem? type solutions have not had great success also due to the progressive decrease in hardware prices.

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