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Microsoft, another week in court

Microsoft, another week in court – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After a few days of unfavorable testimony, the witnesses in favor of Microsoft also arrive and among these there may also be Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. The two excellent texts are on the list of those who this week will enter the court of justice that is deciding on the provisions to be impose on Microsoft to prevent it from abusing its monopoly power in the future. The list includes, in addition to Gates and Ballmer Scott Borduin, Autodesk chief technology officer; David Cole, senior vice president for MSN and Personal Services; Heather Davisson CEO of Opus-i; Brent Frei CEO of Onyx; Chris Hofstader, software engineering vice president of Freedom Scientific; University of Chicago professor pKevin Murphy; and AMD CEO Jerry Sanders. Those of them who actually make an appearance before the judge still can't say. Previously neither Gates nor any top Microsoft executive asked to be questioned directly. The Microsoft founder had released a video testimony. The use of witnesses in favor of a very delicate argument as they can also be used as a weapon "against" the interests of those who summoned them. As for Gates and Ballmer, the fear of Microsoft's lawyers that they could make statements that could somehow damage Microsoft's interests and therefore unlikely to be truly questioned in court. To date, only witnesses called by states have deposed in court. Of these Anthony Fama, Gateway adviser, AOL vice president John Borthwick, Sun's chief strategy officer Jonathan Schwartz and Princeton University professor Andrew Appel had a good impact; others much less. Microsoft's strategy now is to demonstrate how the demands of the nine states that oppose mediation with the DOJ are not only unworkable, but also harmful to the American economy.

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