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IPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac prices rise due to fair compensation


Fair compensation comes, and Apple increases the price of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and all Macs. Apple makes us pay fair compensation by increasing the prices of all products.

price iPhone 5S SIAE

With all due respect to those who said that fair compensation would be paid by companies and not by consumers, the first increases caused by this tax strongly desired by the SIAE arrive

Do you remember the story of Minister Franceschini according to which companies would absorb the increase in taxes related to fair compensation?

We all knew it was a good poke, and today we have confirmation. Apple has just raised the prices of all its products: iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac, obviously because of fair compensation. And, like Apple, soon all the other companies will. We always pay and take it in the ass, aren't we?

A few hours ago Apple has raised all the prices of its products in the Apple Store to adapt to the increase in SIAE's low compensation, the gift that Minister Franceschini made for artists.

Just to give an example, at the beginning of the month an iPhone 5S cost 729) (of which 0.90 for fair compensation); today the price of an iPhone 732.78 with lequo compensation at 4. Are you wondering why, in addition to the increase in fair compensation, there are another 68 cents of taxes? Simple: Apple must also pay VAT on the increase in fair compensation, which we had not previously considered. And of course, in this case too, we have to pay for everything.

And, like iPhone, all other Apple products have also gone up in price. And, like Apple, soon all the other companies will obviously.

Recall, for those with short memories, that at the signing of the decree, Minister Franceschini had declared that he was specious, that is, aimed at spreading accusations, the idea that the increase in fair compensation would fall on consumers. The prices, the Minister assured, would have remained unchanged since the tax would have been paid by the companies. It seems to me that things went slightly differently, or am I wrong?

By now I no longer know how to express myself in front of this government, I better shut up to avoid repercussions. However, the day will come when the Italians will open their eyes and start acting instead of continuing to complain to friends at the bar. And that day, finally, the politicians who govern us will pay for everything they are doing to destroy our country and us citizens!

Now one wonders if with this new tax, which in fact serves to repay the artists for the songs downloaded illegally, it does not become legal to download songs from the web. We are paying them anyway

We leave you the AltroConsumo link to sign the online petition against fair compensation: click here.

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