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IKMultimedia's GrooveMaker arrives on iPhone and iPod touch

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GrooveMaker for iPhone / iPod touch allows you to create non-stop sequences for electronic music, dance and hip-hop in real time with the tools of a professional DJ or a music producer. This is the first porting of software born on Mac on the iPhone OS platform and PC that allows you to use audio loops in a creative way thanks to the patented "groove generator" technology: you can remiss the hundreds of loops included in 8 tracks in an infinite series of combinations and all this even with a simple touch. You can create tracks professional and groove from musical compositions, from ambient and film soundtracks.

The interface is very intuitive and you can create remixes in a few minutes without even stopping the music as you were working with a real-time instrument.

Each track can assign a pattern, adjust its pan and volume and apply global remix effects. You can also change the tempo with tapping and eventually export the final creation to the Mac or PC.

Features – Instant 8 track control – loop – Extensive library for bass, drums, sequences, pads, effects with included effects – Remix playback and randomization on the fly – Combination of studio quality loops to produce millions of grooves – Loop manipulation in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group, tempo) – Arranger to arrange the grooves in sequence and to create full-length tracks – Saving, previewing and reloading the mixed tracks – Saving on Mac and PC of the tracks created in format High quality WAV (Wi-fi connection required – interactive Help

There are currently 4 different versions of GrooveMaker: the first one is completely free and helps you get familiar with the interface, the other three are paid and contain a series of additional loops and grooves.

GrooveMaker Free? House and Hip-Hop styles, 125 loops included (78-125 BPM)

GrooveMaker Club? Techno, Trance and House styles, 189 loops included (130-135-145 BPM), at Euro 3.99

GrooveMaker Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop style, 315 loops included (80-85-90-100 BPM), at Euro 7.99

GrooveMaker House – House style, 315 loops included (120-123-125-127 BPM) at Euro 7.99

Below is a "live" demonstration of the application