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elgato, five new HomeKit compatible accessories

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It grows there Eve family of elgato. On the occasion of the IFA in Berlin, the company presented five new HomeKit accessories: Eve Lock, Eve Window Guard, Eve Smoke, Eve Aqua and the second generation of Eve Thermo, an electrostatic valve for radiators.

For the lock Eve Lock, the contact sensor Eve Window Guard and the fire alarm Eve Smoke, Elgato says he has worked with leading suppliers to combine HomeKit's superior intrinsic security mechanism with state-of-the-art technologies for blocking and detecting smoke. Eve Aqua allows you to take advantage of specific irrigation controls arriving in iOS 11, allowing you to control any hose to water the garden with Siri.

The new generation of Eve Thermo it boasts touch controls and a temperature control display to directly monitor and set the target temperature. Like all Eve products, the electrostatic radiator valve works immediately without the need for bridge devices or "starter packs". The Evo Thermo continues to boast the functionality of its predecessor and uses reliable control technologies from Eurotronic, the European leader in control systems for electronic radiators.

Eve Lock allows you to transform doors into self-locking entrances, automatically securing them against intrusion attempts. As soon as the door behind us is closed, the accessory will close the cylinders and bolts, automatically securing the door each time. You can use Siri, the Apple Home app or the Eve App to monitor and control the accessory. Thanks to HomeKit it is possible to offer visitors safe access, even when we are away from home. Eve Lock powered by an internal battery, uses Bluetooth and was developed in collaboration with Yale, one of the best known brands in the locksmith industry.

Eve Smoke an intelligent sensor for smoke detection. In case of fire, it can not only reproduce a strong and pulsating sound but also send notifications and activate "scenes" (a series of actions decided by the user). The accessory that can not only monitor the rooms but also your health. Also in this case it is possible to use Siri, the Apple Home app or the Eve App to check the status of the detector or access its settings. Thanks to efficient Bluetooth technology, the manufacturer guarantees the battery inside for ten years. Take advantage of proven smoke detection technologies from Hager, an important supplier known to installers of electrical systems and those involved in safety.

Eve Window Guard a contact and tamper sensor; identifies the tampering of windows and whether they are open, closed or placed in an inclined mode for ventilation. When the status changes, Eve Window Guard sends a HomeKit notification to the iPhone. The Bluetooth sensor is the HomeKit-enabled version of an EiMSIG sensor designed with a single component that allows positioning in the window frame, invisible to view.

Eve Aqua "intelligent" controller for irrigation. With this accessory it is possible to water the lawn without lifting a finger. Powered by a battery, the Bluetooth controller automatically waters flower beds and gardens according to the patterns set up by the user or following a specific voice command. Eve Aqua can monitor irrigation activity by offering various types of details.

Eve Thermo it has a list price of 69.95 euros and will be available from 26 September on the manufacturer's website and on Amazon. Availability and prices of Eve Lock, Eve Smoke, Eve Window Guard and Eve Aqua will be communicated later. The Eve app can be downloaded for free from the App Store.