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Does Apple sell 5 million iPhones to China Unicom for $ 1.46 billion?

$ 1.46 billion has recently entered the Cupertino coffers, this is the price that China Unicom would have paid to Apple for the first, huge Apple smartphone order of 5 million pieces. The news that emerged from the Chinese media was reported in the International Business Time. If the news were to be confirmed it would be one of the single largest sales of smartphones to an operator.

Still according to rumors that leaked from the east, the details for the marketing of the iPhone in the largest and one of the most promising world markets have been defined between Apple and China Unicom that will start selling iPhone starting from the month of September. From the statements issued by the operator's executives, we learn that iPhone has successfully passed tests relating to the battery, the network connection and hardware resistance.

According to the statements of an anonymous employee of the Carrefour chain where iPhone will be marketed in China, in order to access the immense local market Cupertino would have renounced the policy of sharing profits, popping up for a favorable unit purchase price by China Unicom. The operator intends to offer the 8GB model at 2,400 yuan, while the 16GB model at 4800 yuan: analysts and observers claim that in this way Apple can obtain a substantial profit for each iPhone, equal to about 1,000-1,100 yuan, at the about $ 150.

However, Apple's concessions to China Unicom are considered by observers as an excellent investment that would allow Apple to finally land in the crowded and promising Chinese market. If the news was confirmed with the only first order of 5 million pieces, China Unicom has generated for Apple the sale of a quantity of pieces practically identical to that registered by Cupertino in the quarter of iPhone launch worldwide, equal to 5, 2 million iPhones.