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Cypress, the Internet of Things development platform supports HomeKit and iCloud

Cypress Semiconductor, a company that markets various Internet of Things products, has announced an updated version of its development kit, adding support for Apple's HomeKit technology and iCloud certification. With the update, developers can use iCloud in conjunction with the WICED SDK allowing you to control devices directly with Siri and remotely with the Apple Home app, without the need for a support bridge.

The WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) platform supports the most well-known Cloud-based services, eliminating the need to implement the various protocols required to connect to these services, with a consequent reduction in development times and costs. The Cypress CYW43907 SoC supports IEEE 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi with a 320 MHz RISC ARM Cortex-R4 processor, integrates 2 MB of SRAM for executing vendor code for device control. The SDK for development with the Cypress chipset includes code examples, tools and support for the SoC. The kit includes the most popular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocol stacks (including Bluetooth Low Energy) and provides simplified interfaces for programming applications in Windows, macOS and Linux.

Cypress homekit accessories page

HomeKit, we remind you, allows you to safely connect your home appliances, managing lights, thermostats, closing and opening doors and garages and much more. Thanks to a common protocol, it offers a safe combination of luminaires and the possibility of easily controlling groups or individual luminaires throughout the home. The integration with Siri allows for example to say good morning to turn on the lights in certain rooms, adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature, open the garage and so on.

With iOS 11 HomeKit becomes even more accessible and offers professionals and amateur developers even more intuitive ways to take their first steps in the sector, as well as new ways to authenticate devices via software, an optimal solution to integrate HomeKit support into existing accessories.