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Apple spying? Here are new behind the scenes


Apple spying? Here are new behind the scenes

The dust raised by the security expert Jonathan Zdziarski on the problem of some suspicious processes on the iOS operating system continues to find more and more confirmations from both sides.

Here are the processes of iOS 7 suspected of sending data to the authorities

iOS 7: Suspicious processes found perhaps used by the authorities

In fact, first Zdziarski threw the bomb and then promptly Apple replied explaining the usefulness of his processes but Zdziarski raised the dose and today he replied to the report sent a few days ago by Apple where he explained the processes, reversing once again the thesis of the apple bitten. Indeed, Zdziarski, not satisfied with Apple's response and responds to the rhymes on his site by attacking Apple once again.

Jonathan appreciated Apple's response but claims that anyway the services listed by Apple are not part of the documentation on the relay file and its 44 processes designed to copy personal data. So Apple has been good at belittling the processes analyzed but Zdziarski seems to have an open account with Apple and replies for the lines since Apple has not denied that the processes do not send data but only that some serve the stability of the operating system without going specifically.

Apple, therefore, even if not directly, recognized the backdoors, and therefore admitted the presence of a hole in iOS that would allow you to enter any Apple device without authorization and without leaving traces which would suggest a connection with the authorities for monitor users.

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