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Apple Cocktail is Cupertino's answer to the majors

this page the first part

The world record industry has succeeded in something new: to redefine the scope of the expression "close the barn when the oxen have run away". It may seem like a paradox for exaggeration, but things are like this: five years ago the mp3 format was surmountable by a proprietary multimedia standard and capable of conveying quality and information through tags and metadata. Today no longer.

The water passed under the bridges, the girls have white hair and the old aunts no longer play ball. To say: too late. The bridge attempt by the four major majors of the disc, ie Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI, to regain control of the failed formats. The CMX died before it was even born.

In fact, the majors will no longer be able to do good and bad weather by offending music in 2009 with lyrics and album covers all together in a single file. Instead, Apple could succeed, looking for a system to maintain supremacy in the digital music sector. With her Cocktail project, she can't go wrong: either she sweeps away the competition, or she tricks her in such a way as to send her to Ramengo with her, keeping alive the status quo in which she leads.

This would seem, at least, to be the most plausible reconstruction of the scenarios that in a few days and weeks, probably at the resumption of September, will be revealed at the moment when the cards are put on the table.

There is no doubt that, as many observers believe, there are important hardware innovations around the corner: from new iPods to the famous and notorious iPhonone or tablet. For technology, without appropriate software and platforms, it is not enough. Something more is needed that makes the difference and displaces the competition. From Cupertino's point of view, today the greatest dangers come from a backlash from the record industry that imposes a new standard rather than from the big electronics giants. We will see if so.