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Windows goes to the DVD + RW

Windows goes to the DVD + RW – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft has decided to support the DVD + RW format at the operating system level. A demonstration of the integration of the software and supporting hardware to the 'concurrent' authoring format of the DVD-RW used essentially by Apple, should take place during the Windows Engeneering Conference and give, according to some sources, an important advantage in the Win field to the standard, launched by HP.

The fact that the next version of Windows, codenamed Longhorn, natively supports the burning of DVDs in DVD + RW format could in fact push some producers to follow the simpler and more direct trend, that suggested by Microsoft. The end result would be the marginalization of the DVD-RW standard used by Apple.

Remember that a disc burned in DVD + RW that cannot be used in a DVD-RW burner against which it has the advantage of being rewritable but the disadvantage of not being compatible with several of the most common domestic DVD players.

According to the DVD forum, which Apple also belongs to and which is opposed to the DVD + RW Alliance, the fact that Microsoft will embrace the competing standard does not mean much commercially. "Microsoft also supports DVD-RAM and this format has not been very successful," said forum spokesman Andy Marken.

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