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Return To Wolfenstein Castle in Golden Master

Return To Castel Wolfenstein in Golden Master – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Return To Wolfenstein Castle in golden master.

This was announced yesterday by Aspyr, the company that is taking care of the port of the game for our platform. According to a press announcement released yesterday, the game was duplicated yesterday and should begin arriving in American distribution channels by the end of the month. Return To Castel Wolfenstein one of the most anticipated titles of this spring and the announcement of its finalization will not be able not satisfy the many users who had waited a long time complaining also of the delays compared to the forecasts.

Return To Castel Wolfenstein the sequel, this time in 3D and based on the Quake Arena engine, of an old 2D title from many years ago.

Then as today, the mission to be accomplished is to defeat a gang of Nazis who, taken in control of a castle, use it for genetic engineering by creating battle monsters and half-human and half-machine beings.

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