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Remote Buddy: iPhone and iPod touch to remote control your Mac

Born as a management program for the IR Romote Remote Buddy of IOspirit, Apple Romote has evolved considerably since version 1.1 and, thanks to AJAX and Wi-fi, communicates directly with the Mac also via iPhone and iPod touch. The software remains usable also with Wiimote, bluetooth cell phones and other remote controls.

remotebuddy and iphone

The software as in previous versions can control over 70 applications and system parameters but with some pluses allowed by the particular characteristics of the iPhone and iPod touch.

The technology used, based on AJAX and heavily renewed in version 1.1.4, is managed through a mini Web interface that is loaded on the browser and offers direct access to the various functions of Remote Buddy, the interface distributed by a web server that runs directly on a Mac. The direct integration between the two components allows efficiency and stability and above all minimum delays through wi-fi. It is also possible to experiment with the interface with Safari 3 on your Mac or PC: just connect to the address provided and enter a password: you will have under control all the data, the videos, the iTunes tracks, the EyeTV recordings and of course the access to all the "remote control" options of a lot of software.

Here are some of the many novelties of the previous versions: – Unified and improved interface in the Leopard style (with which compatible in the preview version), without tab controls and with the possibility of cloning menu profiles – Rewriting of the AJAX remote control module with animations smoother that require less bandwidth and are faster to run – Remote management of the webcam connected to the Mac (iSigh included or camera connected to Firewire) starting (you can use it for surveillance or to take pictures remotely) – Music module completely rewritten with dynamic layout and fade in / out effects, management of songs and albums, random playback and repeat control, dynamic update of playlists, presence of sliders for volume and track management, search in the local music library. – Possibility to choose an audio system connected to AirPort Express / AirTunes? Compatible with Leopard? New remote control applications ili: Aurora, Books, Chroma, ComicBookLover, Freak Show, iCal, iView MediaPro, Krix,, Miro, MultiAlarm, NewsLife, PandoraBoy, PandoraJam, PhotoPresenter, SIDPlay, Skim, Transmission,, Unison, Vienna, VoodooPad, VoodooPad Pro, Yojimbo, Zattoo.? Control of the Mac by the remote control of the EyeTV tuners of ElGato and those of Terratec.? Support for streaming the contents of your iTunes folder: iPhone and iPod touch are transformed into a sort of portable Apple TV that reads audio and video on a remote Mac. – management of various wireless audio outputs consisting of Mac or PC, Airport Express or Apple TV all controllable directly from the Mac or from Cupertino touch devices. – Passive pairing via Bluetooth usable with remote controls such as that of the PS3 which also allow the Mac to be switched on if previously combined with the remote control.

As we said the most important news of version 1.14 concern the iPod touch and the iPhone especially in the use of gestures to control many media center software and multimedia management such as Front Row, DVD Player, iTunes, EyeTV, VLC, iPhoto, Preview , Acrobat, PowerPoint, Keynote, Photobooth, Plex, Boxee, XBMC and Hulu Desktop. It also supports fast exit from applications that are running on the Mac.

To download the software that works in a demo version for 30 days and costs 19.99 Euros for a full license, start from this page of the IOSpirit website.

Below is a video showing many of the options available.