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Philips PHL 439P9H review, the 43 ″ monitor, USB-C, webcam and immense workspace

undoubtedly, the Philips PHL 439P9H monitor is great and does not hide behind sinuous lines or particularly sophisticated design solutions in the face of an interesting series of technological solutions inside. The model is a whole discovery: integrated webcam, double USB-C port, curvature and USB switch, for a while he has been the best friend of our Mac mini.

Philips PHL 439P9H, the review

Simple assembly, but you need to get organized

Inside the box the display arrives in three pieces, one for the platform, one for the arm and a third for the actual display: a few screws here and there and the whole thing can be assembled in about ten minutes.

Right from the box it is clear that an important workspace is needed because moving the display is not easy, with its 14.37 kg a noteworthy commitment, also considering the volume it occupies: luckily, models of this type are not that move a lot from the desk once you put them there.

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonThe large space available perfect for using lesser known functions of some Apps, such as Illustrator window duplication


The design of the Philips PHL 439P9H built from three parts, one of which is the display: this is given by a satin black plastic cover on the back side, and a panel with edges of 1 cm on the upper and external side, and of 2,5 in the lower one, where the brand is also located.

The arm and the platform, in metal, are divided into two parts, to allow the display to rotate about 20 in both directions and a vertical rotation of about 10.

The solidity of the arm and the panel are unexceptionable, in the face of no small weight, the movements are precise and stable over time.

The commitment on the desk we said was important, because it is a model that is 1058 × 460 mm large, with a height that varies from 137 to 303 mm: the base alone offers a footprint of 29 × 39 cm (albeit at its internal you can support some things, such as a Mac mini, which fits perfectly).

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonMaybe they exist, but we haven't found any films at 32:10, so the vision, however, fascinating but does not cover the whole area

Two displays in one

The Philips PHL 439P9H display shows 3840 x 1200 pixels at 100 Hz (43 in 32:10) at 93 PPI and a typical contrast of 3000: 1. Important values, which for reported to the size are something more than two FullHD displays side by side (apart from the curvature), for example two PHILIPS B-Line 243B9 that we reviewed a few weeks ago, albeit here the best quality.

The color support speaks of 1.07 billion colors NTSC 105%, sRGB 123%, Adobe RGB 91%, therefore suitable for vector graphics, design, layout and Office but not photo retouching (if not superficial).

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soon

The most interesting thing is undoubtedly the curvature: in fact there are not many curved displays, the fashion has slightly loosened compared to a few years ago, but not bad.

Watching a movie or playing, you don't notice it, but when you use Professional Applications with many palettes or organize documents in the Finder, moving an element from right to left offers a very strange and pleasant feeling, like a kind of slide (also given by the extreme length of movement).


The connections, on the other hand, were a real surprise, especially for the versatility, even if there is no lack of shaded areas.

The model has 2 DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2, two USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 with 90W of supplied power (therefore able to correctly load all MacBook and Windows PC, excluding the latest MacBook Pro 16 ", which can be charge a little slower), an audio jack, 1 Gbit RJ45 Ethernet socket.

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soon

In addition, it also acts as a USB switch for mouse and keyboard, for those who perhaps use two computers.

In this perspective, two slightly annoying defects emerge: the first is the position of the connectors, placed at the bottom and difficult to reach if not going behind the monitor (for those who can, remember that it is not easy to move a 14 kg display), the second the switch that provides for the use of the OSD display is not exactly practical (it was better to have a dedicated button).

For our Mac mini we opted for a USB-C cable, which alone carries the video signal plus that of the USB HUB (to which we had connected headphones, mice and USB speakers).

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonThe rear arm is also offered for third-party use

How does it work

Faced with such a legitimate product, ask yourself questions about what is the best way to use it. On macOS with games it would be possible, but we have not found titles that optimize the resolution, so we find ourselves playing as if it were at most a 16/9 (with vertical black bands): ditto for films, we have not found titles 32:10 that optimize the display.

Professional applications (and not) instead find much more taste and satisfaction: for example, it is possible to keep two workspaces open, like Photoshop and Illustrator, side by side, or a single workspace (like Adobe InDesign, for example) with all panels open.

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonA detail of the movement of the arm, which allows you to turn the display a few degrees

Draw a delight in Illustrator: thanks to the window duplication function, we can have the same document open to various resizing, working on the detail while continuing to look at the whole.

Similarly, for those who work on the web or on social media, it is possible to have multiple browser windows open (at the maximum resolution of the Finder, there are three Macitynet pages open at the same time and there is still some space left.

So for those who use Word, who can write by keeping one or two web pages open for references or in PowerPoint, who can have Photoshop alongside open, for some resources to edit.

Obviously, when using the Finder, such a large display is initially a bit scattered, but only a matter of habit, when we return to our traditional display we will miss all this space.

Also interesting is the possibility of using the integrated webcam (very useful in these times of distance lessons and smartworking), which can disappear mechanically in the display (but always remains active). The webcam offers a 2 megapixel FullHD resolution with microphone and LED indicator, compatible with Windows Hello and natively seen from Mac if the display is connected via USB-C.

Not the best result, posterization is also a bit loud, but as an amateur video camera it can work, for business meetings of a certain level maybe you need dedicated hardware.

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonThe webcam disappears when not in use


Philips PHL 439P9H a full optional display because it has practically everything you can ask for: HDMI and USB-C port, built-in webcam, USB HUB and speakers and even a small margin of movement.

Of course, this is not a professional display for photographic retouching and in any case it needs an important desk, but undoubtedly able to offer ample satisfaction to those who choose it.

Philips PHL 439P9H review, an exaggeration that you get used to very soonThe screw connection between the display and the arm, which also highlights the possibility of vertical movement, and also convenient as a cable guide

It is an unusual product, in terms of size, so it takes a while to get carried away, but after just one day of work you will learn the appropriate optimizations, Application by Application.

Finally, the price seems to be aligned with the quality of the product: although it is not a true 4K, it opens up to vertical productivity especially for those who work a lot in multitasking.


Large workspace Has all the ports that serve Integrated webcam


The USB switch a little cumbersome The ports are difficult to reach The important weight


893.99 Euros

The Philips PHL 439P9H available in the traditional retail channel but is also found on Amazon.