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Neato robotic vacuum cleaners are controlled via app and Messenger with all-Italian intelligence

Born a new name in the world of household appliances, especially in Italy, where it entered only this year: for the small American reality, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, surrounded by stimulating realities such as Apple, Google, Facebook, offers very interesting products and which we will probably hear about in the future.

In the company's DNA there is the continuous search for innovative solutions, which today find in the smart part a very important lifeblood (which as we will see well rooted in our country) but at the same time very careful in integrating with other technologies, such as LaserSmart which allows small robots / appliances to create a mapping of the room where they operate and the CornerClever technology, which guarantees greater cleanliness even in the corners.

neatoThe Botvac D5 Connected model, here examined by the house keeper

The Neato robot line offers four models: Botvac D3 Connected (? 499.00) the basic model, offers wireless connection and compatibility with the App for iOS and Android with which you can start cleaning, program automatic start and receive alerts on the status of the robot.

Among other things, an automatic chat bot via Facebook Messanger has recently been enabled with which it is possible to dialogue in a semi-human way with the vacuum cleaner to ask questions and receive answers on the status. Neato also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, products that are not yet available in Italy.

The Botvac D85 model (? 599.00) is a step forward in power, but lacks the smart part: a display on the front allows you to program some functions directly locally.

Botvac D3 Connected, the shape allows cleaning even in inhospitable places

The Botvac D5 Connected model (? 699.00) instead integrates the LaserSmart technology and side brushes, and suitable for housing with animals: when the discharged battery returns by itself to its charging base. Also the D5 model, like the D3, compatible with the App for iOS and Android.

Finally, the Botvac Connected model, flagship of the series, can not only be connected to the internet via smartphone, but also stands out from all the others for the Eco function (which allows it to be extremely silent and have greater autonomy), and the function Turbo (to collect the most intense dirt). It offers a greater supply of filters and capable of covering an area of ??480 square meters on a single charge.

In some models the side brushes offer greater cleaning guarantees

Neato: Californian heart, Italian brain

As we said, Neato is based in California, where the laboratory that develops the software and hardware solutions of all vacuum cleaner models is present. We are pleased to learn that the part that develops the App for smartphones and the integration with all robots entirely developed in Italy, by a team of five young and promising Milanese boys.

An Italian team that develops the smart part, including the App, of Neato

The team has long developed a strong synergy with the American laboratory, with which it interfaces for all the hardware and software technologies included, despite having a certain autonomy in the management of the smart part.

Among other things, it seemed very proactive: in addition to chatting via Facebook Messanger, the boys do not forget WeChat, a fundamental product for the Asian market, and the study of several other possible technologies, such as gesture commands, currently more an experiment than anything else.

The Facebook Messanger chat bot, with which you can naturally communicate with your vacuum cleaner

We were also able to appreciate how everything, or almost everything, developed on the macOS platform and then exported to the various mobile platforms.

Their working week also includes a half day in which they can freely experiment with some technologies (always linked to the Neato series), even if it is purely experimental teaching, in order to evaluate the actual implementation and then submit it to the American management.

The Mac of one of the developers, with the open development environment


Neato products are already available through official dealers, but as we write these lines should also be present on the Mediaworld online store and on, also for spare parts

In the future it is very likely that we will see Neato products in all the main Italian commercial chains.