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iPod touch 3G with camera: sightings in mid-August

iPod touch 3G with camera: sightings in mid-August – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the last few hours, direct sightings and those through accessories have multiplied online which would testify that the new iPod touches coming out in the first days of September would be equipped with a camera placed in the upper central position of the back of the device.

In addition to the rumors that the presence of a digital camera was almost certain, in recent days there have been some testimonies from manufacturers of enclosures that are preparing external houses with a hole of a particular shape that somehow offers "veracity" to the images that are circulating on the network. For both the iPod nano and the iPod touch there would be a hole for the camera lens and an extension to the right of the same to allow the free operation of what could be a microphone included .

Various websites that publish the images arrived in these hours before the photos that seemed to be evident retouching with Photoshop and then films and photo galleries that do not suggest any direct manipulation of the iPod touch casing to insert a fictitious camera. Subsequent photos have become clearer that the object photographed is a prototype and although in the next version there will be an unspoken camera that the final appearance of the product is that of a close derivation of the iPod touch 2G shown in the images.

Below we present the most significant image from the website www.covino & author of the "scoop".

An expansion of the iPod touch's capabilities in the "photographic" field would be in the things since Apple would like to attract an ever-growing number of fascinated customers as well as from the equipment now known also from memory increases, from faster and more efficient processors able to exploit the better the playful inclinations of iPhone OS 3.0 and to make the use more creative with the capture of images (and possibly videos) directly by the user and not only through synchronization with Mac and PC.

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