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iPhone 3GS: 99% of users are satisfied with the purchase

iPhone 3GS is the smartphone most loved by US users and has stellar ratings, perhaps the highest ever recorded for any other IT product. As many as 99% of users who purchased the latest version of the Apple smartphone said they were satisfied with their purchase, of which 82% were very satisfied. The data emerge from the results of an investigation carried out by ChangeWave and RBC Capital Markets, also reported by Fortune, interviewing US users not only of the iPhone but also of one of the new and fiercest competitors, the appreciated Palm Pre. The percentage of users of the new Palm satisfied with their purchase of 87% but only 45% said they were very satisfied. Before moving on to analyze in detail the information that emerges from the research, it should be noted that the investigation has always been carried out on a limited sample of users, in particular 200 iPhone 3GS users and only 40 Palm Pre users.

Among the preferred features reported by users of the iPhone 3GS, the first position occupied by the interface based on the touch screen, the second the ease of use and third the speed of Web browsing. Among the preferred qualities of the new iPhone, US users then indicate in I order the availability of third-party applications, the screen size and finally the new 3.2 megapixel optical sensor for photos and videos.

The preferred qualities reported by the users of the Palm Pre are in order: the touch-sensitive screen, the multi-tasking functionality, the ease of use, the high quality, the coverage and the speed of the Sprint cellular network, the Synergy integration which allows you to perform any type of search for data, contacts, information and links in a fast and practical way, finally we remember the integrated hardware keyboard.

It is interesting to note that among the less appreciated features of the iPhone 3GS, US users report the AT&T cellular network in first place and with 55% of reports, therefore not a feature linked to the device but to the service and infrastructure of the operator which, according to many US users don't live up to the Apple smartphone. In second place among the unwanted features we find the poor autonomy with 41% of reports. Then, all with 8% of reports we find the lack of support from the corporate IT infrastructure, the absence of handwriting recognition and finally the difficulty of importing contact lists from sources not directly supported.

The problem of poor autonomy, however, also felt by users of the Palm Pre who with 45% of reports indicate it as the first unwanted detail. 24% instead report the absence or reduced number of third-party applications, 11% complain of the integrated media player and, with the same percentage, also of the obligation to bind to the Sprint operator. With 8% of reports, we find the difficulty of use and finally the lack of support from the corporate IT department.

Despite the limited starting sample for the survey, especially with regard to the 40 Palm Pre users, the percentages and information emerging from the research are interesting. The percentage of 99% of satisfied users of the new iPhone 3GS significantly exceed the already high percentage of 73% of the previous version. For both iPhone and Palm, users indicate the interface based on the touch-sensitive screen and ease of use as the main elements of appreciation, while the limited battery life is confirmed as the main problem for this class of devices. Finally, researcher Mike Abramsky pointed out that the Palm Pre users' satisfaction rates are the highest ever recorded by any other manufacturer's smartphone, a remarkable result that project Palm in third place in the ranking of satisfied users that sees Apple first and second RIM.