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iLuv iAD 117 and iAD 116, single or triple charger for iPhone

iLuv iAD 117 and iAD 116, single or triple charger for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iLuv introduces iAD 117 and iAD 116, two USB chargers compatible with iPhone and iPod. The particularity of the products is more related to iAD 117, which has three different inputs to which three Apple devices can be connected separately.

An accessory of this type is very convenient if we make use of two or more Apple appliances, allowing us to recharge them simultaneously using a single electrical outlet. iAD 116 instead is nothing more than a classic single adapter, useful in case we don't need to have three different USB ports.

The price is also interesting: $ 20 for iAD 117 and $ 15 for the younger brother. Both models are sold with different electrical plugs, in order to be compatible with the different world standards.We remember that in Italy iLuv products are distributed by DLM.

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