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I shoot my mother-in-law! Only with CyberExtruder

"Against the wear and tear of modern life", long ago, at the time of Carosello, the progenitor of the current commercials, it was the guessed motto of a bitter, advertised as an aid against everyday stress. In our infotech years, instead, , the reasons for stress multiplied dramatically, making it necessary to use some other system to vent our neuroses.

For this reason the various Doom, Quake, Unreal and various subjective shooters have been so successful. Instead of ranting against the incompetent office manager or the painful mother-in-law, a nice burst of digital machine gun, with the relative shedding of pixellated blood, has the effect of a calming effect. of the shooting thanks to the CyberExtruder Company.

We had already seen this technology in action (just the case to say), at the last Macworld Expo in S. Francisco, in January, in a stand where a nice old man took care of digitally acquiring the features of our face, and by means of a appropriate software was able to "paste" them on the "skins" of the characters in the most famous video games of the moment: The Sims, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the next Max Payne. Apple's interest in this technology, so much so as to have dedicated a special page to it in the games subsection, of its website, which can only please us, given the great interest of the software houses in developing video games also for the future Mac OS X.