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Get together mini, the ecological diffuser: our review

We have already talked about House of Marley, the specialist in audio devices and peripherals founded and managed by Bob Marley's heirs, here at Macitynet, from the Italian presentation to the announcements, including the new Get together mini speaker (here the news).

Today we still talk about it but in more depth, since we had the opportunity to try the new speaker for some time: it is useless to underline how talking about a product like this does not lack a certain charm, if only for the name it bears, in practice a very important slice not only in the world of music, but also in popular culture.

But let's get to us: Get together mini a speaker that actually only has the name of mini (as we understand it): it measures 7.6 x 30 cm (9.39 cm deep, therefore can be positioned in the middle range of Bluetooth speakers) and equipped with two 2.52 woofers and two 0.75 tweeters and a 12 watt power amplifier for two channels.

The declared autonomy of 10 hours (a bit optimistic in our tests) can be reached with a charge of about 4 hours, with the possibility of charging a smartphone thanks to the USB-A connector located on the back, just higher than the Micro USB connector for charging and the audio jack for analog input.

Get together mini, heavy inheritance

Like all House of Marley products, it is obvious that there is a pinch of charm: starting from the appearance, with the use of the wooden front part, with a high impact, which recalls an extremely classic look and a bygone era or in any case a category of high-profile Hi-Fi products.

Even the side fabric covering, in our case black with white buttons, embellishes everything with a touch of originality. In the hand, the Get together mini weighs the right, does not leave indifferent and pleases, a little for the use of materials a little for the shape that lends itself well to different surfaces and environments.

Despite this, for Get together mini not a technology park: the Bluetooth 4.1 chip and the USB-A connector on the back for charging a smartphone are important features for those who move a lot and love a product that is multipurpose.

The use of the battery for a bit weak: or better, the possibility of third party recharging is appreciable, but the battery life for a product of this size could be greater: we also found the Get together mini a bit too talkative, which vocally warns of the various states , literally getting angry if you leave it on and charging (phase in which the battery is subjected to a double voltage and is easily damaged).

Music, a unique mark

Musically, the Get together mini sounds good, with an important timbre and attentive to all frequencies: the sound appears a little warm and in our opinion the best is heard with the songs in which the vocal timbre stands out clearly, with tracks such as Nothing compares 2U by Sinad O'Connor or Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

Let's be clear, we liked the Get together mini tone in practically all the songs, but if you want a speaker that enhances the qualities of Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta & Sam Martin maybe you have to try somewhere else. The use of bass here moderate, and optimal for your friendly neighborhood journalist who has passed the forties, while surely those who still do not see the winds have different listening needs.

By listening to Holly Cole's Temptation (insidious in many puffers, rendered very well here) and the very difficult Tell Me Now by Hans Zimmer and Moya Brennan, we realize that for the calibration of the diffuser designed for a demanding palate, who does not like contrasts or excessive musicality, but thrives on balance and refinement (however much a speaker of this size can offer).

The bass is good but never too present and the voice of Moya Brennan well present in all words, even if in some places the bass falls to an ear trained to the song is perceived.

The choice of this Get together mini must also be dosed in use: whether for listening to acoustic, vocal, concert, soul or raggee songs in the room, in the disco or on the beach, obviously excellent, especially in the sound volume delivered, while if you want an evening between friends with hideous lights and MARRS Pump Up The Volume, here you have a moderate result, and it depends on what you expect.


Elegant, classic and with a good sonic response, capable of enhancing vocal frequencies but which performs well in all genres. The practical shape and the USB connector for charging another device is an interesting plus.

Basically it is a speaker of value, which makes a good impression both in the room alongside a MacBook Pro and in the basketball court connected to an iPhone.

Available throughout the Italian territory, Get together mini is found discounted on in the colors Black, Denim and Palm


  • A very classic but intriguing look
  • Good lacustica, especially in the rendering of the voices
  • Recharge a smartphone


  • The switch-off timer is too short
  • A little too talkative

Price: ? 149.99