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Former Apple man at the top of Bluetooth

Former Apple man at the top of Bluetooth – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There is a former Apple man at the top of the consortium for the promotion of Bluetooth. This is Mike McCamon who has held the position of Executive Director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group since last weekend.

McCamon was among Apple's executives and subsequently worked for Informix, Sybase, Iomea and Intel. He recently worked as an evangelist for Intel's own wireless systems and has good experience in this field. He was also on the board of directors of Bluetooth.

Recall that Apple announced during the Macworld in Tokyo that it had decided to adopt Bluetooth technology. The first step is an adapter with antenna capable of bringing connectivity with this wireless system, which is now very popular, on all Macs with a USB port. Apple recently made available for free the preview of the software for Bluetooth connectivity with Mac OS X.

The presence of a former Apple man, moreover with the task of strengthening interoperability between the various platforms, at the top of the consortium that promotes Bluetooth could facilitate the Cupertino venture.

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