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‘€ œ An Open Source version of IE’

Separating Internet Explorer from Windows and placing it in the area of ??Open Source projects could mean serious inconvenience for users. This was the thesis supported yesterday in court by some Microsoft lawyers who addressed the issue by questioning economist Carl Shapiro.

Shapiro, one of the texts against Microsoft, had said that one of the possible choices to limit Microsoft's excessive power could be to transform IE into a product separate from Windows and to be placed in the open source area.

At that point, the lawyer Bull Lacovara recalled that the same experience in the Netscape field has only produced a navigator much more full of bugs than he was previously, when he was under the full control of an internal development team.

Shapiro has admitted that this is a possibility that can be avoided if Microsoft collaborates, providing standards to follow.Shapiro to reinforce his thesis then stressed that Microsoft with an open source version of IE would not be able to fully control the 'cycle' of the Internet and could not privilege the Win platform. At the moment, however, even when producing versions for alternative platforms, Redmond decides what to implement outside of the Windows system.

The example, according to Shapiro, in the Mac version of Internet Explorer that has not been updated and that will not be updated, a statement apparently in contradiction with those advanced by Microsoft itself that during a recent meeting with the press has placed an update of IE among the priorities of his Mac working group.