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Commercial agreement between Aladdin and Opera

Commercial agreement between Aladdin and Opera – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Strategic agreement between Aladdin and Opera. The two companies have joined forces for the mutual distribution of their products, both on the Mac platform and on the Windows platform.

A press release released yesterday makes it known that the respective CDs containing compression systems and utilities (for Aladdin) and the navigator (for Opera) will in fact be 'unified'. Obviously, as regards Opera, Aladdin's products in free distribution will be freeware or shareware. Aladdin, on the other hand, will include Opera Browser on all its discs.

Opera, whose browser now has a good popularity in both the PC and Mac world, will advertise Aladdin products through the banner system integrated in the browser and which act as a payment system for those who decide not to purchase the full version. Aladdin, finally, offer Opera for download from its website and online store, guaranteeing an alternative distribution system.

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