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Apple managers in China are negotiating for the iPhone launch

The American media shudder waiting to see iPhone land in China and every week there is an indiscretion that announces an imminent debut of the Apple phone in the most populous country in the world. This week is no exception with a voice bouncing from, one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Chinese news site, according to which a delegation of Apple managers are expected in China in these hours, ready to discuss the final details for the iPhone launch.

The Apple executive group would be led by Greg Joswiak, head of iPhone marketing. The first appointments would be with China Unicom, the only candidate for the partnership with Apple, then meetings would also be scheduled with the government authorities that regulate the telephone market in China and which, due to the particularity of the Chinese administrative system, are decisive in the approval process of iPhone. Recall that, for example, in China a device with Wifi connection is not allowed and for this the version of iPhone for the local market must be without wireless network.

The approval process for the Chinese market would be well advanced. The website of the radio spectrum commission already presents as approved an Apple-branded mobile device with Bluetooth and WDCMA technology (the iPhone 3G) and the Chinese telecommunications laboratories headed by the academy for technology research have confirmed that iPhone is about to enter the initial testing phase.

But if the technical phase would be well under way, so much so that some iPhone models have long been in the hands of Chinese technicians (and one of these even appeared on the same site as the negotiations with China Unicom would not have been concluded at all. The Chinese telecommunications company would still be looking for the best economic structure to make a device that is very expensive for the pockets of the average Chinese attractive even if among the large population there are probably a significant number able to buy iPhones and make it interesting from the economically the landing in China.

What then these people with good spending power decide to buy iPhone all to see; in Russia, for example, where there is a socio-economic situation quite similar to the Chinese one, iPhone has not been a success at all and at the moment the greatest concern of mobile operators is to understand how to free themselves from the contract with Apple which obliges them to purchase large quantities of cell phones, without paying heavy penalties. It should therefore not be said that the exasperated and exasperating wait with which the American media and analysts look to China, considered a sort of market capable of magic for the fate of the iPhone, does not end up disappointed and that iPhone also proves to be a flop in China.

For the sake of completeness and for a complete picture of the affair, it is also important to specify that Apple managers have certainly appeared less frantic and obsessed than the American media on the landing in China, perhaps aware that that market is important, but that the there will be no miracles expected from someone and therefore it is not worth it to pass out (economically and technologically) to enter it. Apple, in any case, has never denied that it wants to try to enter China by setting, officially and on several occasions, as a possible date next year, this despite some analysts announcing for months as "imminent" the launch of the iPhone in Asian country.