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AMD, first heads in favor of Microsoft

AMD, first witness in favor of Microsoft – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the last witnesses against it is now up to the witnesses in favor during the Microsoft trial. From today onwards, in fact, the presence in the classroom of characters who will support the cause of Redmond is expected, in particular they will try to demonstrate that the measures requested by the States that do not accept the compromise with the DOJ are inapplicable and deleterious for the world of the economy and industry. Note that AMD's CEO Jerry Sanders is the first in favor. Its task will be to underline that as a standard version of Windows, contrary to what has been affirmed by States that ask for the "modularization" of the operating system, the ideal solution for those working in the PC computer sector. Different versions of Windows would pose problems of support and assistance. It is not surprising that among the first witnesses there is a maximum manager of AMD. The relations between Microsoft and Intel, in fact, although correct, cannot be called idyllic. In fact, both sides tend to impose their dominance on the sector by trying to diminish the role of the counterpart. AMD is trying to take advantage of this situation by approaching Microsoft also with marketing operations. The name of the new Athlon processors, XP, clearly recalls the new version of Windows and has obtained, not without some resistance and threat of complaints from Intel, the approval from Redmond.

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