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4D: a free upgrade to enter X with version 6.8

4D: a free upgrade to enter X with version 6.8 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The update, which is free for all registered users or for those who purchase the product by April 30, can be downloaded directly from this site.

The new 4D v6.8 allows current customers to migrate current applications (there are many in our country too) without changing the code, includes and integrates TCP IP network functions, uses a new interface with contextual menus and adds new features 'like the ease of use of the plugins, new security levels, floating and dockable toolbar, Apple Viewer support for online help and a completely redesigned Aqua-style interface. All databases created with 4D can work both with Mac platforms than Windows platforms.

4D is distributed in our country by Italsoftware and is also the engine with which MacityNet manages its websites on the web.

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