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With LifeButton iPhone everything becomes eyes and ears to save our lives

With LifeButton iPhone becomes all eyes and ears to save our lives – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Take advantage of all the functions integrated in the iPhone to turn it into a personal security device: the brilliant idea of ??the Italian programming team that has already distinguished itself for the appreciated iOctane, 1.59 euros on the App Store, a program that allows to locate the nearest petrol station. The new LifeButton can be activated like any other iPhone program, with a tap on the icon, but in "invisible" mode it can be launched by simply shaking the smartphone slightly. From this moment on, iPhone becomes an all-eyes and ears tool to record and monitor everything its sensors detect, recording any information and then automatically sending it to the email addresses specified by the user.

LifeButton detects and records our coordinates with GPS, allows us to follow our movements on the maps, at regular intervals that can be set by the user, turns on the microphone and records the ambient audio, always at adjustable intervals takes photographs. All this information, including photos and audio recordings are automatically attached to emails which are then sent to the addresses we specify. The emails are sent at dynamic intervals which vary according to our movements and the time spent. Among the other information contained in the emails we mention the height above sea level, the speed of movement, the approximate address, the map of the surrounding area. We also remind you that LifeButton allows you to call configurable security numbers with a single button.

LifeButton available on the App Store for 1.59 euros.

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