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Will Microsoft Enter the Cinema and TV Content Market?

Will Microsoft Enter the Cinema and TV Content Market? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Names like Adobe, Avid and Thomson-Grass Valley Group have announced at the NAB in progress in Las Vegas that they will convert their products to create digital entertainment content that works with the Microsoft player. But Microsoft announces a new technology at the end of the year. Windows Media Player, for now known by the code name "Corona". With Corona, Microsoft may be able to distribute first-run films in cinemas at lower costs than printing / distributing classic films. In the future a similar system could be adopted for television broadcasts. But some analyst, of long-term digital media such as Phil Leigh, who knows Microsoft's techniques well, goes so far as to say that ?Crown a new chapter in the great book of vaporware , they announce it for a long time, but we will never see it realized (…) something comparable to the opening of a hotel on Mars by NASA ". Not for nothing, from competitors, more realistic voices come:" the interesting market and has ample opportunity for development but it will still take several years before we see anything real, major security problems will have to be resolved first, "says Mark Donovan of Real.

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